17 January 2020

Global engagement - tie-in between institutional and national strategies

In a recent chapter in Ireland's Yearbook of Education 2019-2020, I argue for a closer connection between the global engagement strategies pursued by universities and those put forward by national governments.

Noting that universities have increasingly shifted their international strategies to a broad focus on global engagement (rather than a narrower focus on certain aspects of student mobility), it is interesting to interrogate whether the international education strategies adopted by national governments have followed suit.

Unsurprisingly, governments and institutions tend to approach internationalisation (or global engagement) in different ways, and for different ends, leading to clear gaps between institutional and national strategies.

Read the full chapter at https://educationmatters.ie/irelands-yearbook-of-education-2019-2020/higher-education/global-engagement-offers-new-opportunities-for-ireland/