23 November 2015

Brain drain or brain circulation? How to measure the value proposition of faculty work abroad

A recent report in University World News (Non-mobile post-docs take greater share of tenure, 20 November 2015) reveals that non internationally-mobile postdoctoral applicants are more likely to gain tenure in Norwegian universities.

In other words, for a Norwegian PhD, an international postdoctoral experience is not a golden ticket to employment in the Norwegian academy.

18 November 2015

Has internationalisation shaped academic work in Australia?

I was delighted to present a paper on this topic at the recent Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) conference in Denver, Colorado.

Not only did I have the chance to see some snow on the ground (a rare occurrence indeed for a Melbournian!), but attendance at this conference also allowed me to test some of the emergent findings from my research on a principally US audience.

The feedback was positive, so I'm looking forward to turning these early research findings into a journal article in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the conference paper is available at https://unimelb.academia.edu/DouglasProctor.

Happy reading!

15 September 2015

PhD study - interviews completed (at last!)

Just under 6 months and 37 interviews later... I'm delighted to advise that I've now finished collecting data for my PhD research into the international dimensions of the work of Australian academics (aka faculty staff).

04 February 2015

What do we know about faculty mobility in the global university?

In a recent article published in the Academic Executive Brief, Prof Jeremy Adelman (Princeton University) reminds us that we know little about the short-term mobility of academic staff (aka faculty mobility).