10 May 2018

The Future Agenda for Internationalization in Higher Education - now published!

After many months of work with my co-editor, Laura Rumbley, I'm delighted to advise that "The Future Agenda for Internationalization in Higher Education" was published on 10 May. Hardback, paperback and e-copies of the book are now for sale on the Routledge website here.

10 March 2018

Journal article just published - "Internationalization of Research: Key Considerations and Concerns"

Very happy to work with colleagues from Boston College Center for International Higher Education (Ayenachew Woldegiyorgis and Hans de Wit) on this article looking at the internationalisation of research.

The internationalization of research has increasingly become an area of focus for higher education institutions but has received less scholarly attention in the study of internationalization in higher education. Drawing on the literature, this article outlines a range of key considerations and concerns for the continued internationalization of research, first by documenting the various rationales for—and factors affecting—international research collaboration and then by examining how internationalization in research might be measured. The article documents a number of key challenges, and highlights that the internationalization of research is influenced by the complex intersection of factors relating to the individual faculty member, to their discipline, to their institution, and to a range of external factors, such as funding. The authors conclude by questioning the likely success of national and institutional strategies for greater internationalization of research, and by calling for more detailed empirical research in this area.


5 December 2017

Journal article just published - "Aligning Institutional and National Contexts with Internationalization Efforts"

Delighted to see this article in print at last after a long-term collaboration with Christopher Johnstone (University of Minnesota) in its writing. In this article, we report on a study that explored internationalization in higher education institutions as it relates to two levels of “culture” -- institutional culture and national higher education culture. 

We examined two leading research-intensive universities with similar institutional cultures (as theorized by Bergquist & Pawlak, 2008), yet which reside in different national higher education contexts - the USA and Australia. Through cross-case analysis, we examined internationalization strategies as they relate to institutional culture and sought to draw inferences about the influence of national higher education cultures on these strategies. 

In conclusion, we propose the need to examine these two levels of cultures when developing internationalization strategies within institutions.

Full article available online here.