22 December 2013

Patterns of university engagement with Brazil and China: will history repeat?

Government-led trade missions provide universities with a range of opportunities, from networking with participants from other industries through to direct and sustained contact (on the road) with ministers and their staff.

However, they also throw down the gauntlet in relation to “announceables”. What in-country announcement will be best conceived to secure the endorsement of the government of the day, and yet remain appropriately tailored for the overseas audience, be it in North East Asia or Latin America?

03 December 2013

CBIE PhD research paper highlights impact of institutional culture on internationalisation

In the latest edition of the Canadian Bureau for International Education's PhD Research Series, Alison Nussbaumer (Interim Dean (International) at the University of Lethbridge and a PhD candidate in higher education leadership at the University of Calgary) looks at the impact of organisational culture on institutional strategies for internationalisation.