08 December 2020

"Resilience in uncertain times" - EAIE Forum magazine editorial, Winter 2020

There is much talk of resilience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, be it personal, professional, or institutional. Indeed, many of us have been called upon to reflect on our own capacity to cope with change and uncertainty in a world turned upside down. But what does resilience mean in the context of international education, and is it a new concept?

22 June 2020

"Employability in the 21st century" - EAIE Forum magazine editorial, Summer 2020

It is hard to deny that employability is a hot topic in higher education. And yet, discussions around employability within the academy are never without controversy. To what extent must higher education prepare students for employment? Does a period of outbound mobility boost a student’s career prospects after graduation? If so, is it important what type of outbound mobility the student has chosen? 

21 April 2020

"Digitalisation in the days of COVID-19" - EAIE Forum magazine editorial, Spring 2020

What effect is digitalisation having on your work in international education? And how is it re-shaping the nature of the student experience in international higher education? As campuses across Europe and around the world move temporarily to online delivery in response to the COVID-19 crisis, there could not be a more opportune time to reflect on the benefits and challenges of alternative virtual environments for internationalisation.

17 January 2020

Global engagement - tie-in between institutional and national strategies

In a recent chapter in Ireland's Yearbook of Education 2019-2020, I argue for a closer connection between the global engagement strategies pursued by universities and those put forward by national governments.

Noting that universities have increasingly shifted their international strategies to a broad focus on global engagement (rather than a narrower focus on certain aspects of student mobility), it is interesting to interrogate whether the international education strategies adopted by national governments have followed suit.

Unsurprisingly, governments and institutions tend to approach internationalisation (or global engagement) in different ways, and for different ends, leading to clear gaps between institutional and national strategies.

Read the full chapter at https://educationmatters.ie/irelands-yearbook-of-education-2019-2020/higher-education/global-engagement-offers-new-opportunities-for-ireland/