09 October 2019

Recognition as IEAA Senior Fellow

IEAA Fellowship is a new professional credential that recognises and rewards IEAA members for their education, experience and engagement in international education - https://www.ieaa.org.au/professional-learning/fellowship

Based on my work in international education in France, Australia and Ireland, I'm delighted to have been recognised as an IEAA Senior Fellow:

23 July 2019

“Bracing for Brexit” - EAIE Forum magazine editorial

"Bracing for Brexit", the latest edition of @theEAIE Forum magazine, investigates what Brexit might mean for international education in Europe - read my editorial now online

Image result for eaie bracing for brexit

05 March 2019

Three recommendations for "next generation" research on internationalisation

In a recent article published by the Boston College Center for International Higher Education, I argued that innovation in the research agenda for higher education internationalisation would depend on greater collaboration between the various research centres and institutes which focus on this topic.

Much of the research in this field is undertaken by scholar-practitioners, whose professional background in international education may serve as a barrier to innovation in the topics explored and research methods employed.

In response, I proposed three inter-related solutions:

22 February 2019

What's in a name? The genesis of "UCD Global"

With a background in linguistics and time spent working as an editor and proof-reader, it will come as no surprise that I believe "words matter". The words that we use have meaning, and our choice of words is both deliberate and conscious.

In this context, I'm delighted that University College Dublin (UCD) has agreed to rename its international office as "UCD Global".

17 January 2019

New Chair, EAIE Publications Committee

A warm thank you to the Board of EAIE for confirming my appointment as Chair of the EAIE Publications Committee, as well as to my colleagues for their nomination. Likewise, a heartfelt vote of thanks to Laura Rumbley for her work as Chair in recent years.

Whether you're practitioner or researcher, please consider the EAIE Forum magazine as an outlet for your writing. Writing for Forum magazine offers a unique chance to reach a diverse, interdisciplinary audience of international higher education professionals across Europe and the world.