22 February 2019

What's in a name? The genesis of "UCD Global"

With a background in linguistics and time spent working as an editor and proof-reader, it will come as no surprise that I believe "words matter". The words that we use have meaning, and our choice of words is both deliberate and conscious.

In this context, I'm delighted that University College Dublin (UCD) has agreed to rename its international office as "UCD Global".
Known internally as the "international office" and more formally in its external work as "UCD International", we have now commenced a staged process of re-branding the unit in all formal communications, online, and on signage across campus. This was kicked off this week with a refresh of our social media channels:

Twitter - @globalucd
Facebook - @ucdglobal
Instagram - @ucdglobal
Pinterest - @ucdglobal
LinkedIn - @ucdglobal
YouTube - @ucdglobal (unchanged)

Although the renaming of the unit will take a number of months to implement, the change is important and will support a new narrative on the role of the office on-campus.

UCD is "Ireland's Global University" and its key international aspirations are framed in a Global Engagement Strategy. We encourage our students to reflect on their place in a globalised world, and our staff - drawn from many different countries - investigate global challenges in their research and develop partnerships around the world. As such, UCD's focus is increasingly on the worldwide and multilateral (the global), rather than on the strictly bilateral (the international).

Although closely associated with its work with international students. UCD Global also supports the university in a broad range of activities relating to global engagement, both at home and overseas, not least in the development of academic partnerships with institutions, organisations and governments worldwide.

"UCD Global" looks forward to supporting "Ireland's Global University" in the achievement of its global strategy and aspirations into the future.