04 February 2015

What do we know about faculty mobility in the global university?

In a recent article published in the Academic Executive Brief, Prof Jeremy Adelman (Princeton University) reminds us that we know little about the short-term mobility of academic staff (aka faculty mobility).

Flows of students, on the other hand, are well-documented and subject to much statistical analysis. Similarly, information about broader patterns of (job-seeking) academic migration can be sourced from major surveys of faculty/academic staff, such as the Changing Academic Profession survey of 2007.

Adelman rightly argues, however, that short-term faculty mobility is as much a part of internationalisation as the movement of students. He concludes as follows: "The debate about the global university still has not reckoned with what it means to be a global scholar and the ways in which the faculty practice their research and envision their horizons".

Do universities today pay sufficient attention to the short-term mobility of their academic staff ? If so, how do they achieve this?