21 November 2018

New resource guide - key readings on "International Higher Education"

Launched in November 2018 and updated in January 2019, this resource has been developed for the UCD community (and others) and contains background reading on key topics in international higher education and the internationalisation of higher education.

This guide (available via the UCD Library) contains links to a small number of key references and readings on the following topics:
  • What is internationalisation?
  • Teaching and Learning
    • Internationalisation of the Curriculum & Internationalisation at Home
    • Teaching International Students & Diversity in the Classroom
    • Transnational Education
    • Short-term Outbound Mobility
  • International Student Experience
  • Internationalisation of Research
  • Focus on Ireland
  • Databases and other Resources
Please get in touch if you have feedback or suggestions for inclusion in the Guide, which will be regularly updated.