02 March 2017

Internationalisation of higher education - where to from here?

In a chapter on internationalisation in the recently-launched volume 'Visions for Australian Tertiary Education' (Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education), Prof Sophie Arkoudis and I reflect on the international successes of the Australian higher education sector and ask a number of questions about the future. 

We argue that the sustainability of international education in Australia will depend on a more balanced approach to internationalisation in the future, clearly focused on opportunities for all students and staff and measured in terms of its broader contribution to society.

Seven key recommendations are made for the future, and the full text of our chapter is available here.

This MCHSE publication Education offers a set of imaginative, expert visions for the future of Australian tertiary education by leading education researchers. Collectively, its chapters present a forward looking agenda for transforming the sector.