18 May 2024

EAIE Academy Classroom - "Developing a Strategic Internationalisation Plan: Mastering the Fundamentals"

With my co-trainer Sabine Sainte-Rose, I was delighted to deliver an EAIE in-person training course on strategic planning for internationalisation in Amsterdam on 16 and 17 May 2024. 

This sold-out course provided hands-on training for 25 participants (from Europe and further afield), covering the following key learning outcomes:
  • Plan an institutional strategic process, focusing specifically on internationalisation 
  • Define an international vision for your institution or department and be able to transform it into objectives and actions 
  • Implement each step of the strategic planning process within your institution 
  • Identify the key components and processes necessary for a successfully integrated internationalisation plan.

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20 July 2022

Internationalisation - what focus for Australian universities?

I was delighted to present a lunchtime seminar today as part of the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education Issues and Ideas in Higher Education seminar series. 

Deliberately provocative, in line with the approach of this series, I drew from my PhD and experience as a scholar-practitioner to argue that Australian universities (and others in the English-speaking world) are only involved with internationalisation for financial gain.

02 July 2022

Return to in-person training - strategic planning for internationalisation

With my good friend and colleague Sabine Sainte-Rose (Aurora European University Alliance), I was delighted to deliver a two-day EAIE workshop on strategic planning for internationalisation at the 2022 British Columbia International Education Week (BCIEW) in Whistler.

With 25 participants from across Canada, we covered the full gamut of considerations in relation to planning for internationalisation, starting with the big questions about why institutions choose to internationalise and what they're seeking to achieve.

A warm thank you to all the participants for making this return to in-person training so enjoyable - and good luck with your individual action plans!